Worker Safety

We are unwavering in our commitment to worker safety. We are proud of our excellent safety record and work tirelessly to maintain it.

Delta Pacific Seafoods' safety statement:

“This Health & Safety Policy Statement encompasses the vision and values for safety excellence at Delta Pacific Seafood. The organization is committed to excellence in workplace health and safety. The health and safety of our employees and contractors have first priority and takes precedence over the attainment of business objectives.

Everyone who is an employee or contractor of Delta Pacific Seafoods is an owner of the organization’s Health and Safety Management System. This program reflects the commitment to health and safety excellence in line with our vision, mission and values.

It is the responsibility of Management to provide a safe workplace, ensure workplace safety by complying with all regulatory health and safety regulations, standards and guidelines and act promptly to correct unsafe conditions.

It is the responsibility of Supervisors to lead in safety by example, provide on-going orientation and training of workers and to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained and promoted on their shift.

It is the responsibility of Employees to work safely, know and comply with all safety procedures and regulations in accordance to their job requirements, report unsafe conditions, make suggestions to improve workplace safety and to protect the health and safety of their fellow workers.

It is the responsibility of Contractors to understand and comply with all aspects of the organization’s Health and Safety Management System and to report all unsafe work conditions to management promptly.

It is the responsibility of the Joint Health and Safety Committee to advise management, monitor and promote workplace safety.

It is the right and duty of all employees at Delta Pacific Seafoods to refuse work in unsafe conditions.

Delta Pacific Seafoods is committed to achieve the highest standards of safety and well-being, accomplished by the commitment of all employees to an effective and proactive program of safety awareness.”

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